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A great series of action shots. The blur conveys a strong sense of movement. Very well done.


A great series and subject. In the village near where I live in Buckinghamshire, England, there is a pond known as Cockpit hole at the bottom of Cockpit Road where less than a century ago similar sporting events took place. And no doubt in secret, they still do in some remote places.


Wow: those birds are teriffic and ferocious.


WOW!! Awesome captures.


I know it's a brutal sport, and many westerners probably can't stomach the thought of animals slashing each other. But there's something beautiful about a flying cock, sword in the air, charging like a true warrior. And look at the first picture, two warriors posturing, measuring each other up, before taking the first shot.


It is quite disturbing, no?

Gérard Méry

Les photos sont belles et parlantes, mais restent barbares, pour ces pauvres coqs. merci de tes visites.
à bientôt.

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